Tuesday, March 10, 2015

11 years and counting...

Cross post from www.yatyasir.com from eight years ago (so eleven total):

Three years ago...
On February 28th, I got an email from someone, his username: dkfour. Such a nice letter . Though, I felt bad coz I couldn't reply it since I have no credit card .
To: YY_Makassar
From: dkfour
Subject: Asalaamu alaikum
Greetings from the USA!
Although I've heard of Indonesia, I can't say that I know a whole lot about it. Your island sounds very lovely, and I'm sure it's beautiful there right now.
I see that you work with the environment, but you don't mention how. I feel very strongly about the environment and when I was younger I spent a lot of time in the woods camping and hiking. I'd love to know a little more about what it is that you do for a living.
Your profile mentions that you speak another language, I assume that that must be your local clan's language. I, unfortunatly, only speak English, but I guess if there is only one language you speak, English isn't the worst.
Please write back soon,
But I guess Allah wanted this first contact to be a life contract . We then chat over yahoo messenger for the first time (by accident! really!!!) on March 1st during my lunch break at the office back in Makassar.

And today? Now? I'm chatting (in a real "online"... not thru' internet *wink*) with my loving husband, hugging on the couch while watching our precious little Zahra's asleep on her bouncer... his username is dkfour.

Though Zahra is now in the 2nd grade and we're not sitting on that couch right now...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crazy vim one line expression to search for something and replace it with a different search relative to the first match

vim search to find idnum=XXX& and replace the XXX part with a search from the line before that line of i=999:


And it's much easier to explain that it was to figure out how to do it, or how it looks.

If anyone has an easier way, I'd love to hear it. I'm not very happy with the "getline" having to do the same search backwards, but I couldn't figure out the syntax for .-1 (by itself errored, ".-1", '.-1', "."-1 all failed).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Road Closures in Montgomery County

The following roads are closed or have a portion closed due to water, trees down, or wires down.

** As a reminder, Montgomery County urges residents to stay in a safe place and avoid traveling today. Hazards including winds and flooding may still occur and create unsafe road conditions. **

Flooded Roads -
• Howard Chapel Rd.
• Edwards Ferry Rd.
• Emory La.
• Gold Mine Rd.
• W. Old Baltimore Rd.
• Newcut Rd.
• Zion Rd.
• Brookeville Rd.
• Kensington Pkwy.
• Quince Orchard Rd.
• Log House Rd.
• Brighton Dam Rd.
• Gue Rd.
• Elton Farm Rd.
• Fleming Ave.
• Brink Rd.
• Stockton Rd.
• Riffle Ford Rd.
• 25815 Woodfield Rd.
• Strathmore Ave. @ MD355
• Colesville Rd. (a mile north of University Blvd, just south of Lockwood Dr)

Tree Down w/Wires -
• Chesterfield Rd.
• Peach Tree Rd.
• Watkins Rd.
• Brink Rd.
• Astoria La.
• Davis Mill Rd.
• Arrowood Rd. @ Kittery La.
• 5950 Grosvenor La.
• S. Glen Rd. @ Glen Mill Rd.
• MacArthur Blvd. @ Whiterim Dr.
• 13108 Brandown Wayr
• 5310 Oakland Rd.

Tree Down –
• White Ground Rd. @ Schaffer Rd.
• 12700 Middlebrook Rd.
• Montgomery Village Ave. @ Walkers Choice Rd.
• Shiloh Church Rd. @ Conrad Springs
• Scenery Dr. @ Germantown Rd.
• Peachtree Rd. @ Comus Rd.
• Doubleland Rd. @ Frontwell Cir.
• W. Old Baltimore Rd. @ Peachtree Rd.
• Twinbrook Pkwy @ MD355
• Hipsley Mill Rd. @ Damascus Rd.

Park Roads –
• Little Falls Pkwy.
• Beach Dr.

Re-Opened Roads –
• Arcola Ave.
• Georgia Ave.
• Killdeer Dr.
• Westlake Dr.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catch 22

How am I supposed to complain about this:

Usually snarky comments go up on Facebook, but they expect that I can wait a "few hours" before whining to the world?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The NOT IN clause in LINQ to SQL

Just what the Doctor ordered.
Programmers used to write SQL queries often want to know a LINQ syntax equivalent to the SELECT NOT IN clause in SQL. Marco Russo : The NOT IN clause in LINQ to SQL
Still can't completely wrap my mind around the LINQ dynamic sometimes, so glad we have Google and people who still blog about solutions.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

C# – Keep user settings between versions

Unless you’re using the ClickOnce deployment method for your applications, user settings are usually not transferred when updating to a new version of a C# desktop application. There’s in fact a quick and simple way to always keep the settings between versions.
The trick is to call the .upgrade() method your app settings object. The system will look for previous versions of your application in the App Data directory and copy the user settings to the new version automatically.

Thanks NGPixel, *bawk* *bawk*.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Laptop, New Skin

The other day a couple people I know got brand new laptops from Dell. Made me think, it's about time for me to upgrade as well. My work laptop always seemed to have some kind of issue, and after a year and a half, it seems like a good idea to start fresh. With so many new laptops, how would I be able to easily tell mine from the rest? (Since I thought I had the same model they did, though it turned out I didn't) All I need to do is skin it! Back in the day, my main laptop had a nice skin:

Working hard

Though clearly I had too much hair, and not enough beard... Those two items rectified, and new skin ordered from the same website, but now with a much more Islamish look:

New Laptop Skin with Peter Gould art!

The artwork is courtesy of Peter Gould, a contemporary Muslim artist from Australia who works in multiple media. Seriously, as good as it looks on a wall, or your PC desktop, or even your Facebook buddy icon, it looks très sharp skinned on the back of my laptop. Sidi Peter mentioned something about vinyl stickers that he's working on, and will be available in a few months, though I know I'd like to see him hook up with Skinit somehow, to make his art available for all kinds of devices, and make sure he gets a piece of the action for his hard work and talent, though I have no idea how he would even start. And if you're thinking about just snagging the art from the website and using it without permission or licensing, know that it wont' be as good quality, and you won't be doing yourself any favors.